The MSJC Kids Social Justice Club

Vote MSJC Social Justice Club Kids for Talanta Mtaani!

Over the last year MSJC has been having a kids social justice club every Saturday and Sunday, and everyday during the holidays. The young people who take part, between 5 to 18  years of age, come to learn about their rights, social justice and also to take part in creative activities such as dancing and sports. Out of this group of young talented people a dance group has emerged, and features some of the youngest and most gifted dancers from the social justice club. This group, through small fundraising here and there, has managed to get the support to win many local Eastlands dance competitions, and are now in the finals of Talanta Mtaani and need your votes! Please SMS A MSJC to number 22151.

These young kids from Mathare who have seen and still face many social challenges are making us proud. They are our future or energy, dynamism and creativity and are showing the world the real face of Mathare. Viva MSJC kids! See a video of them dancing at our recent Saba Saba march. And don’t forget to vote A MSJC for Talanta Mtaani!

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