The Crises of Capitalism in Nairobi

The goal of our project was to amplify the voices of grassroots activists who are articulating the effects of capitalism in their communities in Nairobi, through both their words and practices. For us who convened this project, explicitly targeting and expressing capitalism was important since it is a topic that has long been maligned in both public and academic discourses in Kenya.

From the recent evictions in Mukuru, to rising unemployment, to the high cost of food and education, predatory capitalism has extensive reach in our country, and is worsening. Towards the goal of ‘naming the monster’ in a manner that will allow for more informed organizing against it, we produced a video and a number of articles that are available on this page.

We are grateful to Africa is A Country & OSIEA for supporting us on the journey, which we will continue as organic intellectuals

We hope these articles and the video will continue to be living documents to assist in fighting against violent predatory capitalism in our communities.