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Urgent solidarity needed for over 800 households affected by fire in Kosovo, Mathare

On Christmas Eve, a big fire broke out in Mathare slums, Kosovo, burning down close to 800 houses and leaving over a 1000 victims in the cold with barely anything left to their names. Mathare Social Justice Center (MSJC) appeals to all friends of Mathare to give both in kind (food, bedding and clothes) and/or cash donations to help the fire victims in the best way we can. MSJC will distribute the bedding, food and clothes donations, and will use the cash donations to buy more of the same to help the over 1000 people who now lack even the most basic items such as shelter and food. Kindly donate to 0728174329 (Wangui Kimari — MSJC PAR Coordinator). Any amount is appreciated. You can also drop off donations at our office on Juja Road on the ground floor of the post office/Macharia building, close to Olympic Petrol Station and Moi Air Base. Here is a google pin for the location:¬†

Please call JJ at 0736818798 if you would like to drop donations off or need further directions.

Below are some pictures of the fire and its aftermath.

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