Pio Gama Pinto

Urgent Solidarity Needed for MSJC’s Kennedy Chindi (JJ) detained at Huruma Police Station

Kennedy Chindi (JJ) a human rights defender with Mathare Social Justice Centre (MSJC) was today morning arrested by Huruma Police station officers and detained at the police station allegedly for “creating disturbance.” JJ had gone to inquire about the arrest and torture of youths from Huruma Car Wash, and the police detained him for supposedly harassing them about this. JJ’s arrest is part  of the malicious  and systematic  criminalisation of  grassroots human rights defenders in Mathare that has intensified since the election outcome on  11/8/2017.

When the police responded with violence after the election results were announced,  Kennedy Chindi was involved in documenting cases of  victims of  extrajudicial killings and police brutality in Mathare with Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Kenya Human Rights commission (KHRC)

Kennedy Chindi has been detained at the Huruma police station since 11 am today (September 15th 2017), and we are seeking your solidarity for his immediate and unconditional release.

1.      Mathare Social Justice Centre (MSJC)

2.      Coalition for  Grassroots Human Rights Defenders (CGHRD)

3.      Bunge la Mwananchi Social movement

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