Pio Gama Pinto

Mathare EJE Report Launch & Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence

On June 1st in Bondeni Ward, Mathare we launched our participatory report on extrajudicial killings. Since it is the normalization of these killings in our home that inspired this report, we chose to do this launch here where most of the victims in this document came from — our community. During this launch the pain brought about by these police killings was expressed through music, dance, poetry and the speeches of many local residents. Mothers, sisters, brothers and friends spoke about the loss they felt since the felling of their family member, and also lamented the normalization of these killings in their area. There were many “whys?” asked, but, above all, there was a powerful determination to make sure these stop. The many residents who came to the launch, both in pain and in unity, are also testament to the resilience of ┬áMathare even in spite of the violence that frames their lives. We were here to remember those victims of gun violence, and also to defend their memory and our community. MSJC is very grateful to all who came and continue supporting us to make sure no more generations are lost through senseless killings.

See pictures below from the event.





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