MSJC Internship Programme

Mathare Social Justice Centre Internship Programme

Thank you for your interest in interning with Mathare Social Justice Centre. Core to the functioning of MSJC is the commitment to a politically engaged and socially active community dedicated to social justice. We are oriented to addressing the most immediate forms of oppressions and simultaneously, the deeper structural issues that require more protracted engagements. As such, the internship will require that you become connected to the community in Mathare as the MSJC structures, functions and time schedules are modeled around the social realities of Mathare.

For the duration of 3 months, for about 20 hours each week, you shall be attached to at least one of the 5 major MSJC campaigns, which include:

  1. Extrajudicial Executions and Police Brutality
  2. Political Accountability
  3. Participatory Action Research
  4. Reproductive Rights
  5. Land Grabbing and Forced Evictions

This internship is open to the wider Mathare community and all other communities where the campaigns at MSJC are relevant. It is also open to university students and researchers who wish to interrogate some of the chronic problems as well as the agency and innovations of the Mathare community.

An orientation programme will be held in the first week, which will introduce these six campaigns and the local contexts that animate them. It will also introduce members to the politics of social justice and self-reliance that are fundamental to the operations of MSJC. To this end, films and short readings will be watched/read and then discussed. The main discussions will be based on the constitution and the legal frameworks most likely to be encountered when working at MSJC. A session on community organizing will also be held as a necessary part of the orientation programme.

All interns will work closely with the coordinators of each campaign and particular tasks will be agreed upon. Collaborative work and creativity are highly encouraged while questions and discussions are always welcome. The tasks will be assigned to interns depending on their particular interests and talents. Partnerships between local (from Mathare) and non-local students are encouraged, not by making one student the native informant of the other, but by having concrete exchanges that facilitate deeper political knowledge and solidarity. Attending the community meeting held every Saturday at 2pm will be essential for all interns in order to discuss critical issues that have occurred in the course of the week.  The regular tasks will include:

  • Responding to social injustices as they occur through the stipulated networks and mechanisms
  • organizing for community dialogues which includes
  • Engaging community stakeholders
  • writing up reports, minutes, interviews or letters
  • holding fortnightly meetings to discuss progress
  • social media and mainstream media advocacy
  • Building networks with other grassroots organizations
  • Participatory Action Research on the core thematics of the various campaigns

Because MSJC works on a mainly voluntary basis, interns are encouraged to creatively use resources available in the community to facilitate their activities. Simple meals shall be provided at the office, and the possibility of a stipend will be discussed depending on availability of resources at MSJC and the particular needs of the intern.

Exchange Programme

Exchange programmes between interns who have previously worked at MSJC with other grassroots organizations and movements in the continent and globally are highly encouraged. These will be effected in order to facilitate a deeper sense of connection and understanding of local problems and to create stronger links of connection and solidarity on social justice.

The internship requests are taken on a rolling basis and each one lasts three months.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, kindly contact us at

In the email please let us know a bit about yourself and the research/project you are interested in being part of at MSJC. KARIBUNI!