Mathare Green Movement

Mathare Green Movement: MSJC Campaign for Ecological Justice and Healing

The Mathare Green Movement, which meets every Saturday morning to plant trees around Mathare, aims to green Mathare for healing, justice and memory. We want to plant trees so the poor can eat, to commemorate those we have lost and also to bring medicine to the community.

Though a campaign of MSJC, the movement is owned by the community who take care of the trees  that have been planted. The target number of trees to be planted annually is 5 – 10 thousand. These will be planted in schools, clinics, social halls and youth group areas.

Together with our comrade Oyunga Pala and other supporters, we are building ecological justice at all levels.

Karibu and join us every Saturday morning as we work on healing our mother earth and each other!

See pictures below from some of our most recent tree planting sessions.


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