Mathare Green Movement


In mid-2017 Oyunga Pala and MSJC launched a campaign called Mathare Green Movement. Since then, the movement for ecological justice and healing has been growing with many MSJC and community members meeting between 9 am to 11 am every Saturday to plant trees in their homes and across the area. Below are the objectives of MGM. The movement is growing and you are welcome to join us every Saturday at the MSJC office at 9 am! In addition, we need as many tree seedling donations as possible and so please do spread the word!

Mission Statement:

To make Mathare Green.


Green spaces are safe spaces


To foster a community ethic, physical discipline, mental empowerment and healing


To plant 10 000 functional trees in Mathare in 1 year.

Activity Schedule:

MGM meets in Mathare every Saturday between 9am-11am.

Target Sites

  • Schools
  • Public toilet buildings
  • Hospitals, dispensaries
  • Religious spaces
  • River bank
  • Youth bases
  • Playgrounds
  • Open spaces

Tree Nurseries locations

The primary nursey is situated at the Youth Foundation in Mlango Kubwa.

We aim to establish 6 nurseries. I for every ward.

What We Do

MGM mobilises and supports the people of Mathare to plant and care for trees,  clean the environment and rejuvenate depleted urban landscapes. We encourage the community in Mathare to plant trees for a greener, cooler and more beautiful neighbourhood. Our work is volunteer driven through community groups, friends, partners of the movement and concerned environmental agencies.

Importance of Trees in Mathare

  1. Tress improve air quality
  2. Trees bring beauty to the environment
  3. Trees help to reduce stress
  4. Trees shade and cool the Valley
  5. Trees prevent water pollution
  6. Trees prevent soil erosion
  7. Trees provide food
  8. Trees provide medicine
  9. Trees reduce urban tensions
  10. Trees provide fuel.

How To Become A Member of MGM

  • Register with MGM for kshs 20 and have access to free tree seedlings.
  • Join us every Saturday in our tree planting activities in Mathare between 9-11am.

 Join The Movement, Green Mathare!