Mathare-wide Pre-Election Debate for Social Justice and Political Accountability – August 2nd 2017

On August 2nd 2017, MSJC has organized an election and civic education forum to get Mathare residents to discuss their candidates as well as their civic rights immediately before the election process. This event for social justice and political accountability aims to entrench voting rights in the area, get various political aspirants to answer to the people as well as make residents aware of the types of human rights redress they can access through and beyond a network of human rights monitors convened by MSJC. Above all, this event works towards peace, justice, human rights and political accountability in Mathare and in the country at large. Everyone is welcome. Local political candidates should show their commitment to residents by showing up! The event will take place from 11am – 3pm  at the Huruma CDF Hall. For information contact JJ: 0714784955

See the poster here: MSJC Pre-Election Debate August 2nd

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