EJE Campaign

We demand justice for Alex Mwangi Wangari (19 ) killed by officer Rashid!

Alex Mwangi Wangari was killed in late October 2017. He was coming from work at 10.30 pm close to Olympic petrol station and the MSJC office. He met with the police and told them he was coming from work and they said ” this is no time for work.” They shot him with over 10 bullets, and when his mother went to the shop to buy milk just after 10.30 pm she saw that her son was laying on the floor dead. She protested and the police corked their guns at her and so she ran back home afraid. She was to go back and find no body but his blood there at 5 am.  With her breadwinner gone, Mama Alex has not opened his room since he died. They lived together in Bondeni, Mathare. And now, even if she has to take care of her nephew with epilepsy, she is too traumatized to work. She has sent her younger son who is 12 away to live with his paternal grandmother because she is too afraid for him to be in Mathare. Another one gone and we demand justice!

Mama Alex, age 39, holding a picture of her son who was killed by Officer Rashid.

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