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Saba Saba Day: #MarchForOurLives on July 7 2018

On July 7th 2018, Saba Saba day, residents from Kayole, Mathare, Dandora, Kamkunji, Mukuru, Githurai, Kibera and elsewhere, coordinated by the Justice Centres Working Group, came together to demand an end to the killings of young people in their neighborhoods. They were led in the march by mothers of victims.

For much too long the lives of poor young residents have been taken by police officers who operate as killer cops in these neighborhoods, supposedly working to “end crime” but, more often than not, ending up wiping out generations. Because of this, to demand justice, dignity and life, residents from all of these neighborhoods walked to demand their right to life. They were joined by members of civil society such as Yash Ghai, Willie Mutunga and Esther Passaris– Nairobi’s elected Women’s Representative.

Over 500 residents of these neighborhoods and supporters finished their walk in the Kamkunji historical grounds, where they were joined by local residents. Artists from across the areas where justice centres work performed powerful poetry and music to remember lives and to inspire other for the journey ahead. As we danced and spoke together and also shared grief on Saba Saba ay, we were inspired to continue the journey for justice, for life, and we will make it happen because of the  collective work of all of us.

Thank you all for those who walked with us! See pictures from this day below:


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