EJE Campaign Mothers of Victims & Survivors Network

Posters on the ban of non-uniformed police & Probox cars

On October 19, 2021, the network of Mothers of Victims and Survivors in Mathare decided to put up posters around Mlango Kubwa, which informed our community about the official announcement that all police need to be uniformed when making arrests and cannot use unmarked and unofficial cars, like Proboxes, when patrolling.

Proboxes have long been the official vehicle for killer police officers in Mathare and other poor spaces.

The goal of sharing these posters was to spread the news on the ban of the Probox to the members of the community who were not aware. Many members of the community have normalized these types of arrests done by the police.

More specifically, Mlango Kubwa has become a hotspot for police to arrest and harass youth and unfortunately these encounters often result in death or disappearances.

By putting these posters in sheng around Mathare, young members of the Network continue to work to protect and defend their community.

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