Mothers of Victims and Survivors Network Exhibition

Viva to JJ our field coordinator for winning the Public Choice Award at the 2018 Human Rights Award Ceremony!

MSJC does not run without the dedication, courage and creativity of our field coordinator JJ/Kennedy Chindi. After close to two decades doing  justice work, Kennedy Chindi or JJ, as he is more popularly known, won a significant majority of votes claiming the Public Choice Award at the Human Rights Award Ceremony that was help on January 26th 2018 at the Embassy of the Netherlands.

This award is a small recognition of the work JJ does tirelessly in Mathare and beyond to document and advocate on behalf of those who have been subject to human rights violations. He is always available and always sought by all. We love and value JJ immensely and are so proud of his work which, as the voting showed two Friday’s ago, is unquestionable and appreciated by all. Viva JJ! Viva Mathare! Viva MSJC! We thank you to all who showed their appreciation for JJ in this way, for helping us to celebrate his courage, love and dedication!

JJ and comrades celebrating his award at the ceremony

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