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Justice For Carilton Maina from Kibera – Another Victim of Extrajudicial Killings

Carilton Maina, a 23 year old from Kibera, was shot on December 21 on his way home from watching a football match. It is said that Carilton was “cornered between two stalls and shot on his stomach, chest and face even after the student had surrendered and was pleading for his life.”

This is another young Kenyan life that has been taken too soon by the injustice of police bullets. Shot 50 meters from his mother’s home, police still insisted he was a criminal. We are happy to see that IPOA has launched an investigation, but hope that this case does not end up another case that is not taken forward. We pray and console with his family, and continue to demand justice for all victims of extra judicial killings. R.I.P Carilton, we remember you.



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