Court Solidarity EJE Campaign

Court Solidarity Requested for Nura Malicha Case on Friday, June 7 2019

Nura Malicha was a 17-year-old killed on 21 February 2015 in Kiamaiko market by the police. He was working in the goat slaughterhouses that day, and, as reported, “was going about his usual business when he heard a lorry being driven into the market. Thinking it could be the normal lorry that comes to bring goats, he rushed to the front entrance to the market to meet it. The lorry belonged to the police who immediately arrested him. None of the witnesses heard what was discussed between Nura and the police; they just watched in shock as Nura went on his knees and was shot dead. Witnesses at the market say that Nura was unarmed and had surrendered but the police still shot him anyway.”

Nura’s case is one of the first cases MSJC documented and took to IPOA. The case was finally referred to court in 2018, and we were lucky to get a lawyer from Amnesty. It is now at the hearing stage and the next court date is Friday June 7 at Mlimani Courts at 9 am.

We are appealing for court solidarity in order to give support to this case and to the family of Nura Malicha. This is one step towards ending police impunity and getting dignity and justice for victims and their families.


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