EJE Campaign

Thank you for coming to our collective conference on police violence in Kenya & France!

Thank you all who came to the 2 day conference on Police Violence, State Transformations and Mobilisations: Comparative Perspectives from Kenya and France. We were happy to collaborate with CHRIPS and IFRA. We learned, shared and felt a lot over those two days: we remembered those who have gone, their families for whom we still demand justice, and also for those not in Kenya but in France, and elsewhere, whose lives are shaped by these injustices. To remember this day and all the victims of extrajudicial executions we planted a tree to remember those in Kenya/Mathare and also another tree to remember Adama Traore whose family continues to be attacked and imprisoned even after his death in the hands of French police in 2015. We were also able to raise money for Mama Simon who was to bury her teenage son on January 26th, two weeks after he had been executed by the police. We thank you deeply for your solidarity during those two days and as we continue to demand justice for our family members and friends. Thank you!




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