Campaign against forced evictions

Campaigner against forced evictions detained and harassed at Buruburu police station

Edwin Kimani, who together with other community members’ campaigns against forced evictions and land grabbing in Mathare, was detained by the police for no reason on January 12 2019 at around 9 pm. He was arrested at Kariobangi roundabout and taken to Buruburu police station. While he was arrested arbitrarily, he was beaten by the police.

At Buruburu police station he was charged with resisting arrest. The following morning, on January 13th, his brother James Gitau and a few members of MSJC were able to go to the OCPD at Buruburu police station, and were given an appointment to meet him on 15th January 2019. At the same time they were forced to pay a cash bond of Ksh 10,000, to secure the release of their brother, and were told to go to court on the 17th of January since they refused to pay a bribe.

They went to court on the 17th of January but they found that Edwin’s file was missing from those that were meant to be attended to that day — the police had not taken the file to court. They they went back to Buruburu police station and were told to go to court on the 24th. It was also on this day, after treating his injuries a few days earlier, that Edwin was finally given a P3 form.

When they went back to court on the 24th, the file still was not there. They then went back to Buruburu police station and were given back the cash bail, but they insisted on taking a statement so that they could proceed with a case of assault against the police officer who wrongfully detained Edwin. They were told that the police officer would also come and record a statement.

They are still waiting.

Currently, Edwin and other members of our campaign against forced evictions also have a court case against a person who is trying to grab community space in Mathare, and evict many people who have homes and small businesses.

We appeal for solidarity for them at this time, for both of this cases.


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